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New performance announced - Saturday 1st June 2024

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The Late Music Ensemble

Saturday 1st June, 7:30pm
York Unitarian Chapel

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Vive Satie! A celebration of Erik Satie

Erik SatieNick Williams

On the 99th anniversary of Satie’s death the Late Music Ensemble presents a celebration of the music and life of the original musical maverick, whose work continues to puzzle and delight audiences, and to influence and inspire composers well into the 21st century. He founded his own church (of which he was the only member), invented the idea of ambient music with his musique d’ameublement (furniture music), anticipated minimalism and broke down the barriers between the concert hall and popular culture, and between music and life. The programme includes songs, new arrangements and recompositions of Satie, including Cinéma, written for the pioneering surrealist film Entr’acte (directed by Rene Clair, to be shown during the interval of Satie’s last major work, the ballet Relâche), and new Satie-inspired works


Erik Satie: Sonnerie Pour Reveille Le Bon Gros Roi De Singes

Derek O’Connell: New Work

Geoff Cox: New Work

Erik Satie: Trois Morceaux En Forme de Poire

Lucy Havelock: New Work

Tim Brooks: New Work

Christopher Fox: Paired Off

Erik Satie: Marche de Cockaigne Erik

Satie: Chose Vu a Droite et a Gauche (sans lunettes)

Nick Williams: Hotel de la Suzonniere

Erik Satie arr. Nick Williams: Cinema (entr’acte symphonique de Relache)

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