Nick Williams | Com​​pos​​er

New performance announced - Saturday 1st June 2024

Re cordi ngs

Mambo Mambo
Adam and Catherine Summerhayes
Inscapes – new music for violin and piano (Sargasso SCD 28036)

GOD (farting belching coughing)
on the album Sound-Image-Resonance - Lauren Redhead, organ, available as a download from

Monica Germino (in preparation)

East 89th Street Boogie
Heather Roche, clarinet, and Kate Ledger, piano (in preparation)

Audio Files

  • Hell (words by William Blake)

    (Monica Germino, voice/violin)

  • Hobo 1

    (Ian Harrison, soprano sax)

  • Hobo 3

    (Duo Contour: Steve Altoft, trumpet; Lee Ferguson, percussion)

  • Hallelujahs (Hobo 4)

    (Philip Thomas, piano; Mathew Wilcocks, electronics)

  • Digger

    (Labyrinth: Heather Roche, clarinet; Elena Juaregui, violin; Spohia Russell, piano)

  • Little Digger

    (crank: Nick Williams, Scott McLaughlin, James Saunders, music boxes)

  • Machines of Loving Grace

    (University of Huddersfield Saxophone Orchestra)

  • Ut, Re, Mi,Fa, So, La

    (Wilhem Latchoumia, piano Baschet-Malbos)

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